A Healthy Grocery List

Grocery shopping on a limited budget can be difficult. Eating healthy on a limited budget can be even more difficult, even impossible in some people’s eyes. With proper planning and a basic nutrition knowledge, it is possible and easier than you think.

If you have little money to spend on food each month, you have to think in terms of what food will stretch the furthest along with what foods have the high nutritional value. Buying nutrient dense foods is the best use of money while grocery shopping.

Remember each of the five food groups offer specific nutrients that you cannot get from other groups. Therefore, each group is as important as the next and getting a variety of foods is going to help the whole family.

Break down your grocery list into grains, meats and beans (protein), fruits, vegetables, dairy, beverages, and fats. For grains, choose brown rice, whole grain cereals, pita bread, English muffins, and bagels. For protein, choose extra lean ground beef, white meat turkey and chicken, dried beans, and nuts. For fruits and vegetables, remember you will receive some of the same nutrients whether you get canned or frozen versus fresh. Any fruits and vegetables is better than none. For dairy, choose skim and 1% milk, reduced fat cheeses, low fat and nonfat yogurts. Beverages should be calorie free drink mixes or unsweetened tea. For fats, choose olive or canola oil.

Grocery shopping does not have to be stressful. Having a plan and a basic knowledge of nutritious foods can go a long way.