Spring Nutrition

Spring is the perfect time to make positive changes; after all, it is a season of renewal.

Take advantage of produce that are now in season. If they aren’t typical purchases you make at the grocery store, try them at least once. You may be pleasantly surprised with how much you enjoy a new food. The internet is full of recipes and ideas of how to cook foods and add them to dishes for the best flavor. Apricots and asparagus are two produce to try. They are filled with vitamins and minerals without adding a lot of extra calories. And there are dozens of others available throughout spring and the rest of the year. Keep your eyes open at the store for new produce to buy. In-season produce is usually less expensive and tastes the best.

With spring also comes great weather. Find new activities to enjoy the outdoors. Take a walk around the neighborhood, hike on a trail, and go on a bike ride as a family. Spring cleaning is another great activity that gets you up and moving.

Spring is a great season to review your eating and exercise habits. Make changes if you want change!