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Planning & Weight Loss

Plan ahead. Successful weight loss and maintenance comes to those who plan. Plan when and how long you will exercise each day. Do mornings work best; do you have time during lunch; do evenings work best? Making physical activity part of your daily routine will make it easier to do each day. Also, plan when you…

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Fresh, Frozen, Canned, Dried, Juiced

You can buy your fruits and vegetables fresh, frozen, canned or dried.  A lot of factors can contribute to which we buy.  Which one is cheapest?  The most convenient?  Will stay good the longest?  The healthiest? Does nutritional value differ among them? Many say fresh fruits and vegetables are packed with the most vitamins and minerals.  While…

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Healthy Substitutions in Cooking & Baking

When baking or cooking from scratch, I notice what and how much of ingredients I put in my food.  Often I am surprised at how much oil/ butter/ eggs a recipe takes.  2 sticks of butter for cookies.. 3 eggs for cake..etc.  These ingredients significantly contribute to the overall fat and calorie content of a…

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