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Calories Burned in Physical Activity

The number of calories you burn while exercising depends on several factors, such as weight, age, and weather conditions. Vigorous physical activity burns more calories per 10 minutes of exercise than moderate physical activity. Vigorous physical activity includes aerobic dancing, heavy gardening, hiking uphill, jumping rope, and swimming, while general gardening, baseball, walking briskly and…

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Challenge Update

We will be doing final weigh-ins the week of March 25th. You can stop by anytime that week to get weighed. You must give us a final weight in order to be eligible for a prize. Also, remember we are giving prizes for not just weight loss, but also for smoking cessation, increased physical activity…

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Fitting Exercise into a Busy Schedule

Getting regular physical activity is easier said than done. Many people have busy schedules, and this is where priority comes into play. If you make exercise a priority, you are more likely to engage in it than someone who has not. Whether it be because you know of the health benefits or because you enjoy…

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Benefits of Weight Checks

An important tool in weight loss and maintenance are weight checks. Regularly weighing-in gives you some accountability to stay on track with dieting and exercising. It may seem like a simple task but many studies have shown it goes a long way. How often should you check your weight? While there are experts in favor of daily…

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Adding Flavor to Food

Good morning and happy Friday!   Using condiments in moderation is one easy way to cut calories. The calories from butter, bbq sauce, ketchup, etc add up quickly. Use flavorings such as hot sauce, salsa, and Cajun seasonings instead of butter and creamy sauces.  These seasonings add lots of flavor without the fat and have very…

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Daily Chores & Activity

Today, we are focusing solely on physical activity. Since autumn is here, the leaves are falling off the tree and pile up quickly. This afternoon take 15 minutes to rake the leaves in your yard or a neighbor’s. If you do not have a yard, walk around the place where you are living for 15…

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Post-Exercise Snacking

Regular exercise plays an important role in health and wellness. Many people focus on pre-exercise snacking to help them go the distance but a proper snack after strenuous physical activity is also important. Eating a healthy snack after exercise can help your body repair muscle tissues and replenish glycogen stores. For after-exercise snacking, focus on…

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Physical Activity

Physical activity is a great way to expend calories and to lose weight. Everything counts.  Taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking further away from the grocery store to increase walking, sitting at your desk and tensing your muscles and relaxing.  Doing a little exercise throughout your day adds up and can have positive…

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Successful Weight Loss

Did you know that as many as 95% of people who lose weight gain it back or more within five years? Billions of dollars are spent annually on fad diets.   Each diet makes claims that seem to good to be true: “lose 15-20 lbs in 2 weeks,” or “eat whatever you want, whenever you…

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