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Kids, Nutrition, and Cavities

Cavities are one of the most common nutrition-related problems in children in the United States. Choosing your child’s snacks can have a big impact on developing or preventing cavities. Snacks should be from a variety of food groups and lower in sugar content. Replace sweet desserts and candy with healthier alternatives. Below are some options…

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Diet-Friendly Kitchen

Clean kitchen. Always having a clean kitchen makes cooking at home seem more inviting than eating out. This is not just for the kitchen, but also keeping pots and dishes organized and ready to use can be beneficial. It is more motivating to make a dinner at home if everything is ready to go rather…

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Snacking in <100 Calories

Snacks are a great way to insure you get enough calories in a day, a problem many of us do not have. However, snacking also helps keep our blood sugars even and metabolism going. Choosing healthful snacks are much more beneficial than those that are less than so. Monitoring the calories you take in from…

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Stocking Your Home with Healthy Snacks

Look in your pantry and refrigerator. What kind of snacks do you have available? Chances are if you have potato chips, cookies, and other treats available, you will be tempted to eat them when you are hungry, bored or stressed. Next time you are at the store, buy only healthier snacks, such as baked chips, yogurt,…

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Smart Snacking

Snacking is often seen as a bad thing, but it really isn’t when you choose the right foods to munch on.  Snacks are needed if our meals are lacking in calories, if our stomachs are growling between meals, or if our bodies need energy to make it through our day.  Generally, I try to stick to 2 rules…

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