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Make Your Plate Look Like MyPlate

Make your dinner plate look like “MyPlate” tonight. MyPlate (below) is a visual plate intended to help you eat a balanced diet at each meal. According to MyPlate, half your plate should be fruits and vegetables, while the other half of your plate should be split between grains and proteins. And don’t forget about your…

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Proper Portion Sizes

A key component to weight change, whether loss or gain, or maintenance is proper portion sizes. The USDA has developed MyPlate to use as a guide in eating a balanced diet.  MyPlate is an icon of a plate, divided into 4 food groups, with dairy shown on the side.  The plate is divided into fruits,…

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Fresh, Frozen, Canned, Dried, Juiced

You can buy your fruits and vegetables fresh, frozen, canned or dried.  A lot of factors can contribute to which we buy.  Which one is cheapest?  The most convenient?  Will stay good the longest?  The healthiest? Does nutritional value differ among them? Many say fresh fruits and vegetables are packed with the most vitamins and minerals.  While…

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