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Fruit Desserts

To fulfill your sweet tooth, make fruit your dessert. The natural sugars in fruit make a healthier dessert than cake or ice cream, which have added sugars. Fruit is a diet friendly food, but it does still have calories. If your calorie intake exceeds your calorie output, weight gain will result so don’t go fruit…

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Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese can be a dieter’s best friend due to its low calories and high protein. A serving of cottage cheese can be from 80-120 calories, with a range of 0-4% fat content. Cottage cheese can be paired with a wide array of foods from tomatoes, peaches, berries, cucumbers, and beets or even just with…

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Chips, Chips, and more Chips

Have you noticed how big the chip/snack aisle has become at the grocery store? It can become overwhelming with all the choices. ¬†Potato chips can be regular, kettle cooked, baked, seasoned, etc. Looking at the average nutrition facts for plain potato chips in a 1 oz serving, baked chips are the best snack choice. Regular…

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