Blogs, Websites, and CynergyDocs

“By the way, when you’re telling these little stories. Here’s a good idea, have a point! It makes it SO much easier for the listener!” 

It was time…… For Cynergy to have a new website. So, ta-dah! Here she is. No, she doesn’t have a name, just a gender for now. We are so excited that patients and potential patients can flip through and understand more about Cynergy Health.

The new site has many bells and whistles thanks to the guys at 42marketing that helped to create it (Holla!) And you have found one of my favorites, the Blog. On this page of our new .com, you will find a blog by our Registered Dietitian, Megan and one written by myself, CynergyDoc.

Megan writes about nutrition, what to eat, when to eat it, and how to change your lifestyle to stay healthy.

The purpose of my blog is two fold; 1) To help you the reader to understand the synergistic concept behind our team at Cynergy, and 2) to help elucidate the mechanics of what we do to help keep our patients healthier. My goal is not to give medical advice, but to give system information and insight. Think about it, in school you learned about achieving optimal health, what was left out was how to navigate the system that can help provide it. It is my hope to provide an invaluable look behind the curtain of health care. You may just learn something, I know I will!

If you stick with me, you will notice that I won’t miss a chance to let you know how passionate I am about Cynergy Health. If you aren’t familiar with us, we are an integrated medical clinic in Columbia, Missouri. Columbia sports an unusually high number of physicians per capita. So at Cynergy, we strive to provide our patients an optimal health care experience. You may have noticed our white CH sign that pops on a red brick building while driving in South Columbia. Most look at that sign and think, what is CH? Curiosity pays off for those who seek the answer.

The curious take a chance; they may or may not heard of us. They walk in or call and find that when they do, they notice that something’s just a little bit different. At Cynergy, we have spent 3 years of collaboration to create a premier multidisciplinary approach to enhancing your health. Our staff has been quick to embrace change, and this resilience has paid off. Our patients know that Cynergy just may be one of Columbia’s best kept secrets. We have patients tell us that they actually feel better just sitting in our lounge. What? Sitting and waiting for your provider can be therapeutic?

Cynergy’s ultimate goal is to provide an optimal healthcare experience. We have integrated technologies that help us to achieve this goal. These technologies, along with board certified and licensed providers, experienced and friendly staff, and a warm and welcoming environment all coalesce to provide the difference. At Cynergy, you won’t find medical tools hanging from exam room walls, pastel green walls and cold, hard linoleum floors. What you will find just might surprise you. Your provider will be up to date on medical knowledge and technologically equipped. We have put together a primary care team that can help you get healthy and stay healthy. At Cynergy, you will find a family medicine physician, a family medicine nurse practitioner, a registered dietitian and a massage therapist. And to top it off, we have relationships with some of the best and most respected specialist physicians in the nation.

We get calls every day, asking if we are still taking patients. The answer is yes! We strive to get new patient appointments made within 2 to 3 days, and we have same day acute care appointments available as well. Why drive all over town? We can take care of your entire family here.

So, thanks for taking a look at our site. Be curious, stop in and say Hi, or throw caution to the wind and join us on our quest to make your health care better.